Pratah Smaranam Sloka

Adi Sankara has given 3 beautiful verses which summarizes the essence of Advaita Vedanta. These verses are also contemplation mantra (not meditation). Contemplation is on the self and true nature where is there is no duality. We look at the verses one by one to get a better understanding.


3 thoughts on “Pratah Smaranam Sloka

  1. Namaskarams. Thank you so much for the deep given meaning of Adi Sankarar, first sloka of pratah smarami.
    Please, do post the rest two verses of the sloka, and their detailed meaning, to dwell in the tattvam

    • Lakshmi

      The remaining 3 are now updated. Also keep checking for updates as I will be uploading a short talk on the 4 maha vakyams and also a full talk on Manisha Panchakam.


      • Namaskarams. ThaNk you so much for uploading the meaning of the rest of verses, .with Sankarar Anugraham, let The Truth be experienced.

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