Ganapathi Atharva Sheersham – Verse 7 and 8

7.Ganadhim Purvamuchharya Varnadim Tadonuntarin | Anushwara Parataraha | Ardhendulsitam | Tarena Ruddham | Etat Tav Manuswaroopam | Gakarah Purvaroopam | Aakaro Madhyamarupam | Anuswaraschyantyarupam | Bindurutteirrupam | Nada Sandhanam | Sanhita Sandhihi | Saisha Ganeshvidhya | Ganakrishihi | Nichrudgayatrichandaha | Ganapatirdevata | OM Gam Ganapatye Namaha

•Gana-adhi – before the ganas; purvam-uccharya- prior to being uttered; varna-adhi- before the 4 varnas (Brahmana, sudra, vaisyas and Kshatriya); tad-an-anantaram- that, not, and in between (antharam);
•anushwara – anu here refers to the nasal; swara- sound; parataraha- para – beyond taraha- and after;
•ardhendu – ardha indicates half and indu denotes moon i.e half crescent; lasitham- resounding;
•tarena ruddham – tara-the sound of OM; ena-with; riddham – sound;
•etat-this here; tavaha- your; manu-the laws of manu or manushastram; swaroopam-the real swarupam
•gakarah- akara-anuswara rupam- Gakara is the first part, akara- is the middle part; anuswaraha- the last part, rupam- denotes the appearance
•bindu – the pronounciation, (it can also mean the seat of Lord shiva, the third eye) ; Uttara-latter part; rupam-appearance
•nada-sandhanam-nadah denotes sound; sandhanam denotes composition. So composition of sound
•samhita-sandhihi – samhita refers to the puranas or arranging of letters, sandhihi- means meter; so the arranging of verses as per importance or letters and joining or breaking of words to form meaning
•saisha – in this manner; ganesha- Lord Ganesha; vidya- is complete knowledge]’;
•ganaka-rishi-the rishi of the seer ganaka
•nischrud-gayatri-chandaha-nishrid here means mixed, gayatri is the metre, and chandaha- denotes also another metre which is in the beginning of a text
•ganapatir-devata- the leader of the ganas and the devatas


Having recited the letter ‘Ga’ the first letter of ‘Ganadhim’ in the beginning, followed by the first alphabet ‘A’ and thereafter a dot means a crescent and with the sacred ‘Om’ up to these. This is the way of complete the pronunciation. ‘Gakara’ is the first part ‘Akara’ is the middle part and a dot ‘anuswar’ is the last part and ‘bindu’ is the latter form (pronunciation) .This is the ‘Ganesh Vidya'(knowledge about Lord Ganesha) of Gananka Rishi (a sage) Niert Gayatri is its meter. ‘Ganapati’ is the God and symbolic form in words is ‘OM Gam Ganapataye Namaha’. The word Gam having the following three parts, 1) ga 2) a 3) a dot above the letter to denote the nasal sound.

8.Ekadantaya Vidmahe | Vakaratundaya Dhimahi | Tanoo Danti Prachodayata

•Ekadantaya- the one who has one tusk; vidmahe- we know; vakratundaya dheemahi- the one who has a crooked tusk; dheemahi- dheehi refers to meditate ; mahi-on;
•tanno- danthi-prachodayat- therefore-the one with ivory tusk-inspire us


This the ganesha gayatri which is introduced after knowledge of the Lord Ganesha and who he is. By chanting this mantra and meditating on the meaning, it is said that Ganesha will take care of his devotees. We mediate on the one who has one tusk and it is crooked and made of ivory and pray to inspire us. Can be used as a meditation mantra

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