Ganapathi Atharva Sheersham – Verse 3 and 4

3.Ava Twam Mam | Ava Vaktaram | Ava Shrotaram | Ava Dataram | Ava Dhataram | Avanuchanavamshishyam Ava Pashhattat | Ava Purasttat | Avo Tarattat | Ava Dakshinattat | Ava Chordhvattat | Ava Dharattat | Sarvato Mam Pahi Pahi Samantat

•ava tvam mam – protect me;
•ava vaktaram – protect the speaker of this mantra;
•ava shrotaram – protect the listener (srotram means ear);
•ava dataram – protect the donor (dhata or phala dhata – the one who gives the results);
•ava Dhataram – protect the sustainer (Dhaata – here refers to the lord who is the sustainer of the universe); ava –means protect; anuchanavam – the teacher- shishyam – the student;
•ava pashhattat – protect from the west (paschim means west);
•ava purastatt – protect me from east (puraha – means east);
•ava uttaratt – protect me from North (uttar means north);
•ava dakshinatt – protect me from South (dakshin means south); ava chordhvattat – protect me from top;
•ava dharattat – protect me from bottom;
•saravato mam pahi pahi samantat – protect me from all sides.


Lord Ganesha you protect me from all the obstacles when I am praising about your appearance, when I am listening about your merits/qualities. When I am passing the merit of your worshipping to others you protect me. When I am learning your worshipping from the Guru you protect me. The obstacles which will come across in my devotional worshipping you protect them from East, West, North, South and other surrounding/directions.

4.Twam Vangamaystyam Chinmayaha | Twam Anandmayastvam Brahmamaya | Twam Satchidanandadvitiyosi | Twam Pratyaksham Brahmasi | Twam Dhyanamayo Vidhnyan-Mayosi

•tvam – you; vangamaystyam – are the speech; chinmaya- contains the chinmaya mudra ;
•tvam – you; anandamaya astvam – are the ultimate happiness; bhahmamaya – are brahman that contains maya;
•tvam – you; sat chit anandaha – you are the substance, self and the divine happiness; adviti – there is no dwaitam and you are the only one;
•tvam – you; pratyaksham – are or sakshat; brahmasi – that brahman;
•tvam –you; dhyana – you are the one to be contemplated upon; vidhyanamaya – you are the actual knowledge.


You are the speech and contains the chinmaya mudra. You are the ultimate happiness. You are Brahman and sat chit anandhaha. You are the divine happiness and you are the only one that is to be contemplated. You are knowledge.

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