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Ganapathi Atharva Sheersham – Verse 1 and 2

1.OM Namaste Ganapataye | Twameva Pratyksham Tatvamasi | Twameva Kevalam Kartasi | Twameva Kevalam Dhartasi | Twameva Kevalam Hartasi | Twameva Sarvam Khalvidam Brahmasi | Twam Sakashadatamasi Nityam

•tvam eva – you are the only one; pratyaksham- appear; tat tvam asi – you are that brahman
•tvam eva – you are the one; kevalam-only; kartasi – the creator of this world
•tvam eva – you are the one; kevalm – only; dhartasi – the protector of everyone
•tvam eva – you are the one; kevalam; only; hartasi- the destroyer of evils; tvam eva – you are the ;
•Sarvam – all; kaluvidam ; brahmasi – all here is brahman and nothing else. Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma – sarvam all + khalu indeed + idam this, the manifested universe + brahma the supreme mind or spirit of our universe. All this universe is indeed Brahman.
•tvam sakshat atmasi nityam – you are the eternal and is all pervasive.


You are the divine truth. You are the only creator of the world. You are the only protector of the world. You are the only destroyer of the world. You are the ultimate supreme divine power. You are the only soul which is present partly in each and every living form. Here the meaning of Brahma is related with unknown total universal knowledge. The origin of the total universe is sound. The first basic sound or knowledge is self-existent, everlasting and full of happiness, full of spirit.

2.hrutam vachami | Satyam vachmi

•hrutam – cosmic world and order; vachmi – speak;
•satyam – divine truth; vachmi – speak


The great Ganesh is the sustainer of the cosmic world and order and speaks the divine truth.

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