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Bhaja Govindam – Verse 4

नलिनीदलगत जलमतितरलं


विद्धि व्याध्यभिमानग्रस्तं

लोकं शोकहतं च समस्तम्

May you attain the lord in terms of knowledge. Please understand that even if you think that there are objects of pleasure that will give you happiness, then you are wrong. All sensory pleasures are temporary. So vaaram vaaram (means again and again) think. There is nothing but the flesh and any happiness that you get is only temporary. Fullness is the only way to attain happiness and where is this happiness? It is your own swarupam as happiness and not outside. So govindam Bhaja here states that unless you understand this truth, seeking will never stop.

In acquiring artha or Kama involves effort and pain. In maintaining and preserving it also there is also pain. And losing it greater pain. This is the nature of any object of pleasure. So you cannot be immature all the time. So rise and become mature, understand the fact and accept it. Don’t waste time searching for happiness and seeking pleasures. Here the lord says that don’t stop with just artha, Kama and dharma but continue to seek knowledge. (Govindam Bhaja).

  • Nalini dhala gatha jalam – The lotus leaf is always floating in the water, and the water when it passes leaves behind a few drops on the leaf. But how long will the water drops stay on the leaf? Will it be eternal? Will the same water drops be there forever or new water drops may come and go? What if a strong wind blows it away and the water again goes back to the pond?
  • Tadvatu – like that
  • Jivitam athi shaya chapalam – the life is not permanent. It is as short as the stay of the water drop on the lotus leaf.
  • Viddhi – may you know
  • Vyaadhi abhimana grastham – We are caught by the disease of ahankara. Can we ever say that we are 100% happy all the time? But the Jnani is the person who knows this truth and hence remain happy. As he is the fullness personified and knows what fullness is. Ahankara is your own erroneous self-perception and identifying yourself with the body, mind sense complex. You take the limitations of the body mind sense complex which is the anatma and not knowing what is atma is called ahankara. Physical body is bound to have vyaadhi and mental vyaadhi as well. You can’t escape it and may be cure for some time.
  • Lokam shokam – This loka is full of grief, sorrow. As long there is an element of sorrow, you are not going to be happy. The states of mind goes through anger, jealousy, hatred, lust, likes, anxiety, fear, dislikes etc. all of which cause some pain and sorrow. As long as we are slave to these or not able to rise above these, we will continue to think that I am not happy.
  • Hatamcha samastham – Hatham means subject to
  • Samastham – all the worldly objects and pleasures.

So remaining ignorant and not knowing what real happiness is not going to help. Nothing can make you happy as you expected. It can give you time bound pleasures, fractions of fullness, but it can also snatch the fractions of happiness from your life. Once you discover what happiness and stop depending upon other people, things, or objects, activities that make you happy and you are just by yourself happy, then you will be fully happy. Dependence, attachment, longing, desire, passion etc. all will only give you endless sorrow and not permanent happiness.

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