1. योगः

‘ युज ‘ is the root of योगः.  It means bringing together.  It is a discipline.  Any type of yoga insists on consistency and control.  Yoga implies a diet control which not only relates to the quantity of food that we consume but also when, why, and how we eat is important.  Through yoga one develops a self-control and becomes focused or there is one-pointedness.  This one-pointedness is the basic criteria for assimilation.  Another criteria is Doubt.  Will I understand? Am I ready?  Do I have the right teacher?    Am I learning from the right teacher? Etc. Etc.  Such questions will keep occurring and are adhyatmika obstacles created by oneself.


When you contemplate on the doubt free knowledge, such adhyatmika obstacles resolve.  Inadequate shravanam/mananam/nidhidhyasanam is the 3rd obstacle in the path of moksha.  Bhagvan is in absolute control of everything and is yogaH.

  1. योगविदं नेता

Neta means leader. And yogavid is knower of Yoga.  You can reach me only through yoga.  Bhagvan is in yoga nidraH and when he is disturbed in his sleep, there will be pralaya.  This is the belief in Vaishnavism.  In Shaivism they say, the moment, Lord Shiva – Natraj stops his dance there will be pralaya.  Bhagvan as a leader has endowed you with all the skills and knowledge.

Bg 9.22

अनन्याश्चिन्तयन्तो मां ये जना: पर्युपासते |

तेषां नित्याभियुक्तानां योगक्षेमं वहाम्यहम् || 22

There is no other thought apart from Bhagvan thought. For those people who worship and are committed to that knowledge, I take care of them.


  1. प्रधान पुरुष ईश्वरः

Pradhana means Maya or prakriti.  Purusha represents Jiva.  Jiva is the effect of Bhagvan who is the owner of Maya.  Maya is the power of Brahman and non-separate from Brahman.  Maya is mithya.  Maya projects the universe.  Universe is empirically real, a mithya and not absolutely real.  Universe is not  तुच्छं – meaning non-existent.  It exists but not absolute existence by itself.  Ishwara is the cause of everything.

Bg 9.7

सर्वभूतानि कौन्तेय प्रकृतिं यान्ति मामिकाम् |

कल्पक्षये पुनस्तानि कल्पादौ विसृजाम्यहम् || 7||

Arjuna, all the living beings come out of me -Prakriti.  Jiva is Ishwara.  When 1000 mahayugas finish,  I return through Maya shakti.  Jiva is bound under the spell of Maya and looks up to Ishwara.  In reality, I am not separate from Bhagvan – अयं आत्म ब्रह्म


  1. नारसिंहवपुः

The one with the body of a man-lion.  नार = human; सिंह = lionवपुः = body



He owns श्रीः also known as the  Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, who resides in his chest/heart.  श्रीः means all wealth that includes health, progeny, wealth, property, etc..