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This is the actual text and I have given you a word by word meaning of how beautiful the poem is by Ramalinga Adigal. Even though the Thiruvarutpa is supposed to be a bhakti ode, yet there is advaitam hidden which most people do not see. I have tried to bring out the aspects which we also see in the word Consciousness or Ishwara.We see the richness and how even in the bhakti there is a view of the advaitam aspect is only known if we do shravanam and mananam which means continuous reading, listening and dwelling upon the meaning.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful text and its meaning.
பரமபோ தம்போத ரகிதசகி தம்சம்ப வாதீத மப்பிரமேயம்
பகரனந் தானந்தம் அமலமுசி தம்சிற்ப தம்சதா னந்தசாரம்
பரையாதி கிரணாங்க சாங்கசௌ பாங்கவிம் பாகார நிருவிகற்பம்
பரசுகா ரம்பம்ப ரம்பிரம வித்தம்ப ரானந்த புரணபோகம்

1.பரம போதம் – Parama Bodham – The lord who possesses the ultimate teaching

2.போத ரஹித சஹிதம்– Bodha Rahitha Sahitham – The lord that contains all teaching yet keeping silent (aka dakshinamurthy who symbolizes mouna vakyam.

3.சம்பாவாதீதம் – Sambhava thitham- The lord that is the cause of the manifestation

4.அப்ரமேயம் – Aprameyam – The lord that is the effect

5.பகர ஆனந்தம் – Pagara Anandham – The lord that gives anandha to all.

6.அமலம் உசிதம் – Amalam Uchidham – The lord that is free from defects. Malam means defects. Amalam means no defects or pure. Uchidham means above defects.

7.சிற் பதம் – Chir Padham – the lord who contains all the meanings of the texts. Padam here means the meaning of the existence.

8.சதா ஆனந்தசாரம் – Sadha – Anandha – Saaram – always bestower of happiness and contains the essence of happiness.

9.பறை ஆதி கிரணம் – Parai – Adi-Kiranam – that lord who is the sun and beyond the sun and bestows light upon us through the rays of the sun.

10.சாங்க சௌபாங்கவிம் – Saanga Sowbhangavim – That lord who is auspicious and who always gives us the best of what we need.

11.ஆகாராம் நிர் விகற்பம் – aaakaram means without any shape. Nir vikarpam means he is unmanifest and has no attributes.

12.பரா சுகம் – Para sukham – means the ultimate happiness that we seek.

13.ப்ரஹ்ம வித்தம் – Brahma Viddham – The lord who owns the brahma vidya i.e. veda, Upanishads (prashna-trayam)

14.பரா ஆனந்த பூரண யோகம் – Para Ananda Poorana Yogam – He is ultimate anandha and is the ultimate yogi.

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