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Pratah Smaranam – Verse 4

श्लोकत्रयमिदं पुण्यं लोकत्रयविभूषणम् ।
प्रातःकाले पठेद्यस्तु स गच्छेत्परमं पदम् ॥४॥

Line 1

Sloka – this sloka
Traya – consisting of 3 verses
Idham – described here
Punyam – gets punyam
Loka – in this world
Trayam – like the 3 types
Vibhushanam – Ornaments

Line 2

Prathaha – Morning
Kale – time
Patethyastu – The person who recites or reads
Gacchati – reaches or realizes the Brahman
Param – That pursha or paramatma which is Brahman
Padam – Abode

The 3 verses of this pratah Smaranam sloka is likened to the ornaments of the 3 loka and the person who chants this verses or remembers these verses in the morning, will definitely know brahman.

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