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Pratah Smaranam – Sloka 2

प्रातर्भजामि मनसा वचसामगम्यं

वाचो विभान्ति निखिला यदनुग्रहेण ।

यन्नेतिनेतिवचनैर्निगमा अवोचं_

स्तं देवदेवमजमच्युतमाहुरग्र्यम्

Line 1

Pratah – early morning

Bhajami – I worship that Brahman

Manasa – which is beyond my mind

Vachasa – which is beyond my words

Agamyam – that Brahman which cannot be attained or reached, nor available for description or thoughts.

Line 2

Vacho – Speech

Vibhanti – Shine or become visible

Nikhila – all or whole

Yad – by whose

Anugrahena – grace

Line 3

Yat- which

Neti – not this

Neti – not this

Vachanai – statement or declaration

Nigam –  stated in the vedas or scriptures

Avocha – that which cannot be expressed by words

Line 4

Stham – that

Deva Devam – lord of the lords

Ajam (Ajaha) – Unborn

Achuyta- Infallible or imperishable

Ahur – Called

Argyam – Foremost

I worship in the morning the supremely effulgent being who is spoken in the Vedas as unborn, changeless, who is inaccessible to the mind and whom words cannot directly describe, but by whose blessing the faculty of the speech functions and who is described in the Upanishads by the words, ‘ not this, not this’

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