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Bhaja Govindam – Verse 3

नारीस्तनभर नाभीदेशं

दृष्ट्वा मागामोहावेशम् ।

एतन्मांसवसादि विकारं

मनसि विचिन्तय वारं वारम्

In the second verse, he talks about the limitations of all sorts of wealth. How pursuit of wealth more than what is required will turn into greed.

This sloka talks about the limitations of the pleasures. Generally mannasai, ponnasai, sorga asai etc. Even physical pleasure or any pleasure is time bound. No pleasure can keep you happy always. Any pleasure is a fraction off fullness. A wave is a fraction of the ocean. Perinbam, Chitrinbam. Niraivin paghudhiye inbam.

Who is full ness here? The reality is fullness and you are fullness. Pleasure is a state of mind. When you listen to music, serial it holds your attention for some time. E.g. there is a raga alapana going for 30 minutes and you are engrossed and you forget about everything. Mei marathal means you forget yourself. When you are absorbed in something you lose yourself. Sometimes people while watching movies or drama, also cry along with the characters because they are so engrossed in that. Whenever you forget yourself, you forget you or the ‘I’. How long this will last? Only for as long as your mind is engrossed. So the status of mind is pleasure and happiness. When there is fullness you are happy as your attention is now being held by the object. Once the attention is removed, the smallness of ‘I’ comes back. So pleasure is just a fraction of fullness.

Pleasure is a state of mind and is not from the object. Why do people drink? Because it gives them an opportunity to forget themselves for a certain period of time and they think they are happy. But when the effect of liquor goes away, sadness returns.

Even the company of women is also temporary. So don’t get deluded by the company of women as this is just flesh and a body. So why do you fall prey or become slave to every woman you meet.

  • Nari Sthana bhara nabi desham – relates to a woman’s body and Adi Sankara says that understand that is also flesh and is temporary. So don’t fall prey and become a slave. Children are important for progeny, so sex is important but one must not become slave to it and crave for it all the time. It is natural to have an urge and the institution of marriage provides that opportunity to follow Kama or pleasure. But understand that even that pleasure is temporary and just like any other body, it also withers away. So just like the pursuit of wealth in the second verse, pursue this only to the extent required and not fall slave to it.
  • Ethan mamsa vasadhi vikaram – After all this is flesh and will become old and wither away
  • Manasi vichinthya vaaram vaaram – Think about this in your mind all the time and slowly you will get out of this moham or delusion

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