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Bhaja Govindam – Verse 29, 30 and 31

Verse 29
अर्थमनर्थं भावय नित्यं
नास्तिततः सुखलेशः सत्यम् ।
पुत्रादपि धन भाजां भीतिः
सर्वत्रैषा विहिता रीतिः ॥ २९॥

• Artham – the wealth
• Anartham – disaster or bad thing to happen
• Nityam – daily
• Na asthitah – do not exist
• Sukha lesha – even the smallest sukham or happiness
• Satyam – the truth
• Putrad api – even from progeny or children
• Dhan bhaja – even when you are extremely rich
• Bheethi – there is always fear. The fear of losing is always there as one day you are going to lose the wealth (when you pass away) or when your children leave you.
• Sarvatra Esha Reethi – understand that this is the universal truth
• Vihita – that is laid down.

Wealth is not welfare, truly there is no joy in it. Reflect thus at all times. A rich man fears even his own son. This is the way of wealth everywhere.
Verse 30

प्राणायामं प्रत्याहारं
नित्यानित्य विवेकविचारम् ।
जाप्यसमेत समाधिविधानं
कुर्ववधानं महदवधानम् ॥ ३०॥

Pranayamam – the art of doing pranayama (rechakam, poorakam, kumbhakam,
Pratyaharam – the power to dissociate oneself from other activities and focus the mind on one singular goal.
Nitya anitya – the distinction between what is nityam and anityam
Viveka vicharam – the mind that analyses what is truth and what is mitya or nitya/anitya viveka
Samadhi vidhanam – the method to attain samadathi or deep meditation
Japya samedha – with the method of doing mantra japam
Mahad vadhanam – very carefully. The word mahad denotes very and vadhanam means carefully
Avadhanam kuru – please focus your mind and heart on this.

Regulate the pranas, life forces, remain unaffected by external influences and discriminate between the real and the fleeting. Chant the holy name of God and silence the turbulent mind. Perform these with care, with extreme care.
Verse 31
गुरुचरणाम्बुज निर्भर भक्तः
संसारादचिराद्भव मुक्तः ।
सेन्द्रियमानस नियमादेवं
द्रक्ष्यसि निज हृदयस्थं देवम् ॥ ३१॥

Guru-charana-ambuja-nirbara-bhakta – surrender yourself to the lotus feet of the guru as a true bhakta seeing knowledge
Samsarath – from the samsara
Muktha – free
Achirath – sooner
Bhava – become
Sa-indriya-manasa-niyamath – the indriyas, the manas should be kept under control
Drsyasi – you will or should see
Nija – the truth
Hrdyastham devam – the lord within your heart.

One should surrender to the lotus feet of the Guru and let me be soon free from Samsara. Through disciplined senses and controlled mind, I shalt come to experience the indwelling Lord within my heart.

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